Why mathematics teachers drink

I have given you a lot to read in last Monday’s Blog carnival, so no serious math topic today.  Here are some pictures that will relax you you from your mathematical readings and de-stress you from your mathematical endeavors. You may also want to look at Why mathematics teachers drink 2.

These pictures are all over the internet, so I assumed that there is no copyright violation (hopefully).


Peter's Binomial Expansion

The Elusive X

The Irrationality of Women

The Beauty of Curves

Giraffes and Matrices

Radical Suicide


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11 thoughts on “Why mathematics teachers drink

  1. The sad thing is that the teacher gave the student a bonus mark for drawing a giraffe…oh dear.

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  3. i had these math humor injected whenever i speak before fellow math teachers, preservice teachers, (and even with my students), to point out why we math teachers should be careful be of giving directions in our quizzes and the like, because students will use this on argument of bonus…for unclear instructions…

    Another question to ponder on which i learned from my prof fff is: What is the area of (say) a triangle?or a circle?….a plane figure has no area…Better stated: What is the area bounded by the circle?…by the triangle?

    • yes, we are a bit lazy sometimes. strictly speaking, the correct statement is the area bounded by the circle, triangle, etc. 🙂

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