GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial 1 – Exporting a GeoGebra File to a Dynamic HTML Worksheet

When we save our GeoGebra constructions, it is stored as a GeoGebra file and given the extension name ggb. We will call these files as “GGB files.”  GeoGebra allows us to export these GGB files as dynamic html worksheets, as Mediawiki, or as a Google gadget.  This will enable us to embed our files in web pages, blogs and wikis.

In this post, we are going to learn how to export our GGB file to dynamic HTML worksheets.  The sample output of this tutorial can be viewed here. If you want to follow the construction step-by-step, you may open GeoGebra from your computer or open GeoGebra in your browser.


  1. Open your GeoGebra file (GGB file).
  2. Click the File menu, select Export from the submenu and the choose Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage(html) to display the Export: Dynamic Worksheet(html) dialog box.
  3. In the General tab of the  Dynamic worksheet(html) dialog box (see figure below), type the Title of your dynamic worksheet, your name in the Author text box and the date in the Date text box.
  4. Select the Advanced tab and check the necessary options you want. In the output file, the Show menu bar, Show toolbar and Show input in the User Interface section were checked.  Be sure to select the File: html options in the File section of the Advanced tab.
  5. Click the Export button to display the Save dialog box
  6. In the Save dialog box, type the file name of your dynamic HTML file, the click the Save button.   Avoid using spaces in your file name.

After saving your file, your exported file will be saved as HTML and will be displayed in your browser. You can upload it in your website, or edit it in an HTML editor. The GeoGebra code is written in Javascript. Please be reminded, though, that some sites such as does not allow Javascript  embedding for security purposes.

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  1. Thank you for your blog – I teach HS math and am trying to get in to Instructional Technology – am using your tutorials to learn the program AND forward people to if they need more info.

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  4. You mentioned that the exported HTML is in Javascript. I downloadd the latest GeoGebra and the exported file loads an Java applet (if you do a view source i see that), and NOT Javascript as you mentioned. Is there a different version you are looking at.
    The menu in the tool says “Dynamic Worksheet” as opposed to “Dynamic HTML”, so i guess it uses an applet. Just wanted to point it out for corrction as users may be misled.

    But anyway, great content on your site.

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  9. These have been invaluable for myself and my math students. Thanks so much. You have done the world a good deed and I am sure you are an excellent teacher.