What’s New in Math and Multimedia?

We have learned a lot about mathematics and technology last year, and will learn more this year.  For students, I will concentrate on senior high school mathematics and other  middle school topics which we have not yet discussed.  For teachers, I will discuss tools that can help in teaching at the same time making most of the internet and Web 2.0 technologies.

The highlight this year will be on blogging using WordPress. I will teach you how to blog using WordPress, and I will also give you tips on how grow and promote it.  Here’s a sneak peek of what I have in mind.

New and Fresh

  • WordPress Blogging Tutorial. A Step-by-Step Tutorial series that will help those who want to blog, but do not know how or where to start. This will also help teacher-bloggers encourage their students to blog, or for newbies in blogging who want to start one.
  • GeoGebra Essentials. This will be a basic tutorial to learners with zero knowledge in GeoGebra. This will be an improved version, more coherent, and with explanations about the technical side of GeoGebra. For example, what are dependent and free objects, construction protocols, etc.
  • GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial. This will discuss advanced topics in GeoGebra such as web embedding, creating customized tools and Javascript integration.
  • GeoGebra Applet Central. I have created this blog in blogspot which will collect all the applets of Mathematics and Multimedia. I am planning to create more applets and post it there.
  • Making Mathematicians. A fiction about mathematics teachers and their teaching beliefs and practices. This is my way of communicating what I suppose good teaching is. I can’t directly say it because I don’t feel qualified to talk about pedagogy and teaching mathematics.
  • Word Problem Solving Series. This will discuss the strategies in solving word problems such as money, age, motion, mixture, etc. To tell you honestly, I am not really very fond of these types of problems, but this is my way of helping struggling middle school and high school students.

More Articles

  • Everyday Math. More posts on the practical uses of mathematics.
  • Revisions of GeoGebra Tutorials. Revision of the math articles, update of the GeoGebra Tutorials, particularly when GeoGebra 4.0 is released.
  • Web 2.0. This is particularly for teachers. I will discuss Web 2.0 applications to help teachers make the most of Web 2.0 technology. For instance, internet bookmarking, RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, course management systems, and a lot more.
  • More Software Tutorials. We will also learn some new software this year and will add new tutorials that we have discussed before. We will have more tutorials on Wingeom, MS Excel, GNUPlot and others. We will learn new software such as Winplot, WinMat, and many more.

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