Introduction to the WordPress Blogging Tutorial Series

You are a student and you your teacher encourages you to blog and share to the world what you have learned from him. The problem is you do not know how to blog.

You are a teacher and you want to encourage your students to blog and share to the world what you have taught them. The problem is you do not have time to teach them how to blog.

You are an educator, you want to share your thoughts, but you have no time to explore a blogging website.

You searched for a blogging tutorial on the net and what you got are hundreds of 2-page (or more) independent documents which has no apparent beginning, no clear end, and no continuity at all.

The Math and Multimedia tutorial is probably the answer that you are looking for.   Starting next week,we will be learning WordPress blogging, step-by-step, just like how I taught GeoGebra, so I suggest that you start informing people who you think might be interested about this tutorial.

Why WordPress?

There are many free blog hosts on the net, but only three stand out –Wordpress, Blogger and Typepad.  The main reason why I chose WordPress over the blogging hosts is that because my blog is about mathematics and only WordPress supports Latex (as far as I know), as of this writing.  Latex is a typesetting program that allows the writing of mathematical equations such as

x = \displaystyle\frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}

Aside from Latex support, WordPress is also very easy to use.

Why follow this tutorial when there’s hundreds of them on the net?

Nobody taught me how to use WordPress;  I’m sure this is the same with many the other bloggers.  I think the great advantage in learning from someone who had never read a book or learned formally is that you’ll just get what you need – no or very little technical explanations. Yes,  I will teach you the basics of WordPress blogging, and will write optional tutorials for those who want to learn further.

Planting a Tree and Growing It Together

I will teach you how to blog, but it will not end there. I will also teach you how to grow and nurture it.  Now, Mathematics and Multimedia is averaging 30,000 hits a month in only its twelfth month, and the number of hits is exponentially increasing. What’s the secret? Hmmmm…. I’ll tell you later in the series.

So sit back, relax, and think about the topics that you want to write. If you are too busy, I have prepared an article that you will post next week.

Photo: Mini Tree by Matt Clark,  WSM Tutoring Program by Shana Stine

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