How to add a Paypal donate button to your blog

Many bloggers nowadays are monetizing their blogs. Some sell ebooks, some through advertisements, and others, especially blogs that do charity monetize through donations. Paypal is an easy way of doing accepting payments through transactions or even donations. In the tutorial below, we are going to learn how to place a Paypal button, just like the one shown at the right.

1.) Log-in to your Paypal account. If you don’t have one, just register. It’s free.

2.) Once you have logged in, go to Merchant Services tab.

3.) In the Merchant Services window, select Donation from the Key Features from the Paypal Website Payment Standards section.

4.) In the Donations window, choose the Donation button as button type and fill up the appropriate information.

5.) Once you’re done, click the Get Code button and choose the appropriate code.  In WordPress, use the code in the Email tab.

6.) Paste the code to your website.

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3 thoughts on “How to add a Paypal donate button to your blog

  1. Guillermo, I would like to donate to the fund for those in need due to the flod. I want to use my Payapal account, but need an email address to send the money to. What email address can I use that will accept my donation?

    • I tried to surf GMA Kapuso’s website at (a trusted Foundation), but I can’t find a Paypal account. Looks like they are not using Paypal. Anyway, if you want I’ll email them ( and ask if they have a paypal account. I’ll inform you if there is one.

      Thank you.

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