School of Freebies and other announcements

School of Freebies to continue

I decided to discontinue School of Freebies, but someone volunteered to help, so it’s back.

Niseko Fireworks


However, it will  continue at its original URL in Blogspot. You can follow School of Freebies at its new RSS feed

You can also follow it on Twitter or Facebook.

Guest Posting

I have been receiving several emails asking me to guest post. Yes, you may, but for two conditions: first your article must be original and second it was not published anywhere (online or print).

Share Math and Multimedia

If this blog has helped you, you can now give back by sharing about Math and Multimedia to your friends using the new Add This share button at the top of each post. Addthis supports more than 300 social networking sites. You might also want to follow Math and Multimedia on Twitter or ‘Like’ it  Facebook.

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