Plot 2d and 3d Graphs and Functions with GraphCalc

GraphCalc (Windows) is a great graphing tool that I had used along with CaR before I discovered GeoGebra.  It is capable of plotting 2-d graphs (up to 10 equations simultaneously) and 3d graphs (up to 6 equations simultaneously).  Unlike other graphing calculators, Graphcalc has numerous functionalities:  it allows adjustment of graph range and resolution, modification of tick marks, and graph and background color customization.  In addition, it also contains four rending modes and two shading models for a more flexible graph appearance.

3d graph plotted in GraphCalc

I recently checked GraphCalc’s latest version, and the new addition is that it allows finding the intersection of two functions as well as the drawing of tangent lines. Graphcalc also supports scripting  (haven’t tried this yet), particularly if and while operators.

And above all, GraphCalc is free.

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One thought on “Plot 2d and 3d Graphs and Functions with GraphCalc

  1. I am unaware of any new version since 4.0.1 – which was released over 9 years ago in 2003! Did you not notice that it’s by far not a “new” release or is there a different website that I don’t find?

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