Math Carnival 21 Deadline of Submissions

The Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival is on its 21st edition and will be hosted by Math Concepts Explained.  You may submit your entries to on or before March 18, 2012.

No 21 - worn brass

To those who missed last month’s carnivals, click the following links:


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7 thoughts on “Math Carnival 21 Deadline of Submissions

  1. Have you been having trouble with the blog carnival site, too? I haven’t been able to connect at all. I found a new site that might work, but I can’t find much information about it.
    Also, do you know anything about the Carnival of Mathematics?

  2. Oh, thanks! I’ve been so busy, I haven’t peeked at my blog reader for ages. I knew Mike was handing off the CoM to others, but I missed the announcement.

    I’ve been thinking of switching my carnival to Mondays, as you’ve done with Mathematics and Multimedia. Which week do you usually try to hit? I’d like to avoid “competing” with you.

    I really like the Google form the new CoM people created for submitting a post. Perhaps I should learn how to do that, and just forget the blog carnival site. Have you written any tutorials on that sort of thing?

    • My schedule is usually second Monday of the month, although this month it has reached the third week. I can adjust it if you wish. I don’t really mind the schedule, but of course it is really good if the carnivals are posted on different weeks. Please propose a schedule so we can adjust accordingly.

      Regarding the Google Form, it’s really quite easy, but I haven’t written a tutorial about it. If you want, I’ll do it, and then share it to you via Google Docs. I will be able to do it, however, this weekend. I will write a tutorial about it next week.

      • I didn’t find a tutorial on your sites, so I just went to the Google Docs help and started experimenting. I think I have a form that will work — at least, it saved the information I typed into it.

        I thought you had been doing the third Monday for awhile. It seems like it has just worked out that way, when I’ve looked for the Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival to link to it. I’ve been thinking that rather than set a specific day, I might just set the week (ie, the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd *full* week of a month, ignoring the little short chunks at the beginning and end of each month) and let the host pick which day within that week is best for him or her.

        In the past, the Carnival of Mathematics has gone the first week of each month, but I haven’t heard yet if the new hosts are keeping that schedule. (Though my guess is they are, since they set April 2 as the submissions deadline.) If you want to speak for the second week, then I will go with the third — or if the 3rd week works better for you most months, I can take the 2nd.

        It doesn’t matter much to me either way, as long as we keep the carnivals nicely spaced out. I just was curious what to expect, and without the blog carnival site to check, I would like to have some kind of general guideline.

      • I think I’ll stick with the third week, since it has been that way for about three months. Yes, I think I should let the host decide the post day.

  3. Okay. I’m counting “full” weeks as Monday-Friday, since the little short weeks we often get at the beginning of the month always throw me off. I’ll schedule MTaP for the second full week of each month, but give the hosts discretion as to which day of the week they publish.

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