Off topic: Well done, Manny Pacquiao

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao for a job well done. You have done your best. You have fought hard and well. You have also shown how great you are as a person by accepting the loss wholeheartedly.

In all fairness, Timothy Bradley deserves credit for his win. He stayed until the last round despite his injury and gave Manny a hard time.

Both of them are great fighters.

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3 thoughts on “Off topic: Well done, Manny Pacquiao

  1. I agree. He is a great fighter. Many feel the fight was poorly officiated, and from what I saw, I agree. He is a classy man, without regard to the outcome.

    • I was a Pacquiao fan before he fought outside the Philippines. Even when he was young, he defeated fighters that are a lot bigger than him. He was a warrior that always went toe to toe with his opponents, that’s why he probably declined fast. He was relatively slower, but I still believe that he won the fight.

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