Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival 22 is live

To begin the blog carnival we will as is the tradition look at some properties of the number 22, additionally we can look at some sites which provide information on number properties.

blog carnival

A good place to start is the NumberADay blog from the Mathematical Association of America. Every working day, they post a number and offer a selection of that number’s properties.

Here we learn for example that 22 is a pentagonal number and is the smallest number that can be expressed as the sum of two primes in three ways: 22 = 3 + 19 = 5 + 17 = 11 + 11. Continue reading at Mathematics, Learning, and Web 2.0.

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The next edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia blog carnival will be hosted by Mathematical Palette.  You may now submit your entries to the Math and Multimedia Carnival submission form. Deadline of submissions will be on August 18th.

Photo Credit: snappybex through Flickr

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