Year 2012 in Review – The Most Popular Posts

As I have mentioned in yesterday’s post, I will be posting Year in Review posts for the remaining part of the month. In this post, we review the most popular posts in 2012 in terms of number of page views.

  1. 500 Mathematics Ebooks –  Downloadable and Free
  2. The Microsoft Mathematics  Tutorial Series

  3. The Microsoft Mathematics Interface
  4. 1300 Free K-12 Lesson Plans and Activities
  5. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorial 2 – Performing Basic Computations
  6. Open Ended Math Problems
  7. Heart Graph for the Mathematically In Love
  8. Sets: Terminologies, Notations, and Operations
  9. The Mathematics Word Problem Solving Series
  10. Using Area to Prove the Geometric-Mean Arithmetic-Mean Inequality
  11. Solving Number Problems: Part 1
  12. Proof of the Sum of Square Numbers

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