Year 2012 in Review – The Most Popular Multimedia Posts

This is the fourth post in the Year in Review Series. In this post, I will share to you the most popular multimedia posts. These posts include multimedia resources that can be used by teachers and students in teaching and learning mathematics.

The Most Popular Multimedia Posts

  1. Math Graph: An Excellent iPad App for Students
  2. 4500+ Engineering and Mathematics Video Lectures
  3. More than 2000 Free GeoGebra Applets
  4. Free SPSS and Statistics Ebooks
  5. 15 Flash Video Tutorials for Learning Winplot
  6. Microsoft Mathematics Tutorials
  7. 500 Math Ebooks — Downloadable and Free
  8. Using Latex in Gmail
  9. The Daum Equation Editor
  10. Handwrite and Solve Equations with Web Equation
  11. 3d Math Applets Galore 
  12. Printable Graphing Papers for Free

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