5 iPad Apps That Will Drive You Math!

Suitable for children, adolescents and adults, these iPad apps will aid any person who is struggling to remember lots formulas or suddenly runs out of paper.

1. Pi Cubed

This app is available on every iOS device and belongs to the most expensiveiPad App: Pi Cubed math app with a price of $9.99. Pi Cubed uses a touch-based interface that lets you enter and evaluate even the most impossible math problems. As you can expect from an app like this one, you’re able to pitch-zoom and swipe throughout the whole interface. The Core Animation framework even makes everything look fancy without being too distracting.

Pi Cubed supports the following operations:
-Numbers, including basic constants
-Arithmetic operations
-Trigonometry operations
-Square roots, and roots with arbitrary powers
And lots of other functions.

You can download Pi Cubed Lite to try it out for free. However, it will not offer the same array of options that the full version offers. 

2. iFormulas

Available on every Apple device, like the title suggests, iFormulas offers a cleaniPad App iFormulas and simple interface that’s extremely user-friendly. It allows you to look up almost any type of mathematical formula and lots of physics formulas as well. This is not an app that you visit every now and then to play around with. Look at it more as a reference manual that you can consult whenever necessary. If you don’t work with formulas on a regular basis, this app is probably pretty useless for you. If you are a math or physics student and you have some free space on your device left, then don’t hesitate to download it. It’s free.

3. Equation Genius

This iPad app solves equations. Period. It does not show you how the equation wasipad-equation-genius solved, nor does it give you any other type of tips. Equation Genius will help you solve:
-Systems of two and three unknowns
-Quadratic and Cubic equations
-Simple first degree equations
It’s also available on every Apple device you might have and doesn’t cost you a single buck.

4. Talking Calculator

One of the most popular math iPad apps among children and adolescents all over theipad-talking-calculator world is this comprehensive calculator. With its high contrast, very bright colors and the option to make it speak out loud to you, this calculator is a unique must-have for math students. If you’re getting your bachelor degree in mathematics, you might decide to download this app just for fun. It’s available for every iOS device for the price of $1.99.

5. TanZen

After having been through these four serious iPad apps, it’s time to loosen up ouripad-tanzen minds. With new puzzles being added every month, TanZen will surely keep you entertained and challenge you throughout the whole year. The goal is simple: try to fit 7 different smaller shapes in 1 larger shape. So spatial orientation is needed ladies! It features over 550 different puzzles, provides you with some soothing music and with its minimalistic style you can never go wrong. Perfectly suitable for those long waits in the dentist’s waiting room. $0.99 in the app store.

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