13 Calculus Tutorial Sites, 22 000+ Solved Problems

If you want to learn Calculus, the websites below will most likely help to you. Most of these websites contain conceptual and intuitive explanations of Calculus concepts and most of them are interactive.

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All in all, they contain more than 22,000 calculus tutorials and computations. 

1. Analyze Math – Calculus tutorials with interactive applets. Also contains problems with detailed solutions.

2. Calculus-Help – Although only 11 Flash-based tutorials available, they are very friendly and intuitive. Michael Kelley is the author of the The Humongous Book of Calculus Problems, a very good Calculus textbook for non math majors. According to him, more tutorials are to come.

3. Visual Calculus – An online interactive calculus tutorial site that uses different software/tools to explain calculus concepts. The software/tools included are Flash, Java, LiveMath Notebooks, TI Calculators and more.

4. Karl’s Calculus Tutor – A ‘lighter’ approach to calculus. The author explains Calculus concepts in a friendly and very intuitive manner.

5. Ask Dr Math Calculus – More than 670 problems answered in High School Calculus and more than 250 problems in Undergraduate Calculus answered.

6. Applied Calculus – A calculus site with interactive quizzes and games. It also contains tutorials on Finite mathematics.  The website is also available in Spanish.

7. Paul’s Online Math Notes – A comprehensive set of calculus notes discussing topics from the most basic up to three dimensions.

8. AOPS Calculus Computations and Tutorials – An online forum that contains more than 18,000 problems and solutions.

9. Khan Academy  – The Khan Academiy Calculus channel contains hundreds of calculus tutorials.

10. Sage Calculus – If you are interested to learn how to use Sage, an open-source computer algebra system, while learning calculus, this site is for you.

11. BrightStorm Calculus – Contains 60 calculus video tutorials.

12. Video Calculus – This website contains 55 calculus tutorial videos in SV3 and H2.64 format which can be viewed using Quicktime.

13. Straighterline – The website has more than 70 calculus tutorials.

Image Credit: Olga Lednichenco via Flickr

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