Solve Problems and Save the Trees with Grid Maths

Whether you are working on fractions, long division, simultaneous equations,  the Singaporean model method, or matrices, can be a very helpful tool.  Grid Maths is an online electronic grid paper for solving mathematics problems. In the application, you can type into the grid, construct rectangles with different colors, and draw lines as well as ellipses. In addition, you can also construct several grids. Below are several examples of how it can be used in the classroom.

Lowest Common Multiple

Grid Maths Lowest Common Multiple

Checking for Prime Numbers 

Grid Maths and Prime Numbers

 Quisenaire Measuring Rod

Grid Maths and Quisenaire Measureing Rods

Adding and Multiplying Fractions

Grid Maths and Fractions

Multiplying Mixed Fractions

Multiplication of Mixed Fractions

Multiplication – Vertical Method

Grid Maths Multiplication

Grid Maths is still in its Beta stage. Aside from all its useful features, the most important part, I guess is that in using the app, we are actually helping save the trees.

To know more about, you can go to the author’s blog.

Note: All figures above are from posted with permission. 

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