Month in Review – September 2014

It’s the end of the month again so let us look back to what we have discussed.

What is amazing about mathematics is the strong connections between concepts and representations. See how the Greatest Common Factor which is all about numbers be connected to Geometry in The Geometric Representation of Greatest Common Factor. Also, watch the amazing connection between mathematics and music in Bach’s Music on a Moebius Strip.

This month we also have posts about technology. The most exciting probably is the release of the new GeoGebra 3D. There is one more exciting thing: Watch how Hans Rosling, founder of GapMinder foundation, show dynamic statistics your eyes in Hans Rosling: Stats That Reshape Your World View. In his presentation, Prof Rosling, used GapMinder, a free statistics software.

Technology can help us a lot, however, there is also danger in it.  See how a simple device can be used to steal ATM PINS and how can mathematics be used to guess them easily in ATM PIN Theft and the Mathematics of Systematic Guessing. Be careful!

We also had a classic geometric multiplication in  How to Multiply Using Lines and Dots

Lastly, watch the coolest math teacher break world record in pull ups and donate the money raised to cancer research in  Math Teacher Breaks Pull Up World Record.

That’s it.

Math Teacher Breaks Pull Up World Record

Kyle Gurkovich, a middle school math teacher from New Jersey broke the pull up world record. He made 4182 pull ups in 24 hours breaking the previous record made by a Navy Seal.

Gurkovich came up with the idea of pull ups in order o raise funds for cancer research. He was able to raise $8060 which he donated to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer in New York City.

Guinness recognized Gurkovich’s record.

Gurkovich is set to break his own record this November.

How cool is that huh?

How to Multiply Using Lines and Dots

One of the great things about mathematics is that sometimes, you find mathematical concepts in places that you don’t expect them to be. There are also concepts or representations that seem not connected to mathematics, but you will realize that it is indeed mathematics.

In the video below, observe how to multiply using lines and their intersections.

Don’t just watch  the video for the sake of entertainment. I encourage you to think about it.

Why does the method work?

Can you think of other concepts that is similar to the intersection of lines?

Is there a similar representation or idea that is also connected to this representation?

In the next post, we will try to answer the questions above, so keep posted.

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