Youngest Math Teacher? 4-Year Old Explains Area of a Pentagon

Who is the youngest math teacher you know? Well, there’s a 99% probability that the teacher in the video below is younger. His name is Miguel Secillano III and he is 4. The way he explains solutions to math problems is way too amazing for his age.

Watch the video below as he explains how to get the area of a pentagon and see for yourself.

Miguel, according to his father, started counting from 1-100 when he was 2 and became interested in mathematics when he was turning four.  He will turn 5 this December.

You can watch more of Miguel’s video in his Youtube channel. 

How to Calculate Using Japanese Abacus Part 1

In Japanese language, the abacus is called soroban. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use the soroban. In Japan, students start learning how to use abacus formally in the third grade.

Believe it or not, in these modern time, some tellers in Japan still use abacus. And when they calculate, they are almost as fast as when using a calculator. Or maybe even faster.

soroban 2

Shown above is a figure representing a Japanese abacus.  » Read more

How to Create Desmos Graphs with Sliders in 3 Steps

Desmos Calculator is one of the great free calculators available online. You can use it to create graphs, plot table of data, evaluate equations and even explore transformations.  But my favorite feature of Desmos are the sliders. Recently, they have added an animation feature for sliders.

In this post, I am going to show you how easy it is to create Desmos graphs with sliders in order to explore family of functions. To follow this tutorial, go to the Desmos website.

How to Create Desmos Graphs with Sliders in 3 Steps

Step 1

Type the equation of the function you want to graph.  For example, you want to graph y = a(x - 3)^2 + h. Just type

y = a(x-3)^2 + k.  » Read more

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