Year 2015 in Review – The Most Popular Multimedia Posts

I have always promoted Multimedia materials in this blog particularly the free ones and I think this year, I am particularly very happy with the new additions in the repertoire of software. I have started using GeoGebra for Android phones which has been released recently. According to GeoGebra, iOS and Windows versions will follow soon.

I have also started using Wolfram Alpha for iOS, and although this is not free (it’s $2.99), I am very happy with it.

Aside from these tools, here are some of the multimedia software and apps and some tutorials about them.

Year 2015 in Review – The Most Popular Multimedia Posts

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Year 2015 in Review – The Most Popular Math Posts

It’s the end of the year again! A lot of things has happened this year including the death of brilliant mathematician John Nash.

It has always been a tradition to look at the popular posts at the end of the year, so let’s look at what we have learned in 2015.

Year 2015 – Most Popular Math Posts

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10 Basic Computations You can Do with Wolfram Alpha

In the previous post, I have shared to you the advantages of using Wolfram Alpha. In this post, I am going to list some of the basic calculations that can be done using the same app. Note that you can use these commands both in the iOS version or the web version.

1. Do Basic Arithmetic with Integers, Fractions, and Decimals

150 + 32
1200 – 3
15.8 * 2.5
1/5*(3 – 8)

2. Compute Decimal Approximation to a Specified Number of Digits

pi to 1000 digits
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