The Author

I am Guillermo Bautista, a Filipino math blogger. You can reach me at mathandmultimedia@gmail.com.

I work at a university in the Philippines.  The Institute where I work is involved in teacher training, curricum development, and educational research. My interest is on the integration of ICT in teaching mathematics.  I am also interested in freeware, Web 2.0, and blogging.

I am a supporter of GeoGebra, a great free mathematics software for teaching and learning mathematics. I have been a GeoGebra trainer for 6 years, and I have created more than 50 tutorials about it from beginner to advanced level. In 2012, I became a GeoGebra Ambassador.

Aside from GeoGebra, our institute also conduct trainings on a variety of topics about elementary school and high school mathematics teaching and learning. I can also talk about blogging, particularly using the WordPress and Blogspot (by Google) platforms.

I am alsoa busy blogger. Aside from writing Mathematics and Multimedia, I am the writer of the following blogs:

  • Proofs from the Book – a blog about mathematical proof mainly for middle school and high school students and teachers.
  • Guitech – (former School of Freebies) a sharing blog about technology news, internet freebies, educational apps, and software tips, tricks and tutorials.
  • GeoGebra Applet Central– a blog dedicated to posting GeoGebra applets.
  • Sipnayan – a math blog written in Filipino (Taglish).

Besides math and blogging, I am a boxing fan particularly of Manny Pacquiao. I also love listening to classical music particularly those of Josh Groban.

The Blog

Mathematics and Multimedia is a blog on K-12 mathematics for teachers, students, and enthusiasts. It is my humble contribution to the body of knowledge on the internet. I am nowhere near expert in anything, but whatever little knowledge I have, I am willing to share in this blog.

The objectives of this blog are the following:

  • to provide a conceptual explanation of K-12 mathematics topics
  • to suggest alternative ways of teaching and learning school mathematics
  • to share useful and free resources on the internet
  • to promote the integration of technology in teaching math and other subjects
  • to create software and web application tutorials
  • to encourage teachers, students, and enthusiast to write on the web
  • and to impart ways on promoting sites and blogs on the internet

Guest writers and contributors are welcome to write in my blog.


This blog is a personal hobby.  Aside from occasional guest writers, I am the only one writing this. Although I am doing my best to make this blog as accurate as possible, I am only human. If you see any error in this blog, please inform me.

And, I don’t speak for my employer. Everything here is entirely “on me”.

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      • Hi!! I’m a maths teacher in Vietnam. The posts in your Geogebra Section are useful for me. I just have been known that Geogebra version 5.0 with 3D graphics was released. Can you write some posts about it. Thanks and sorry about my English.

  1. Good job, Guillermo! Thank u so much. U have inspired me to spread mathematical ideas (especially geogebra) in my country Kazakhstan.

  2. Hi! I badly need help with my special problem. I will be optimizing pipeline networks using Matlab with bit strings as data representation. But with that, I can only use either a uniform or custom mutation and I need gene and transformation mutation. Do I have to program it myself? If yes, do you know how? Also, I want to use a two-phase crossover (single-point then uniform), can I do that with Matlab? Hope you can help me with these. I really need help now.

  3. Hi, I have already subscribed to your blog and getting the latest posts. We rarely can meet teachers like you. And your ideas about teaching are really precious. I`m also a teacher of math and I have created a blog 2 weeks ago. And its` name is the same as yours(but in my native language). It is hard for me to produce my own ideas about teaching math, because I graduated from the university in 2010. So I don`t have much experience. Do you mind if I `copy your ideas` and translate them in my language in order to explain the beauty of learning math? :)I have informed our regional department about the blog I`ve opened and mentioned your as an `inspiror`. They were really impressed.
    You have established the first GeoGebra institute in the Philippines, the GeoGebra Institute of Manila. It is really a great job! In our country neither teachers nor students have heard about the GeoGebra, because it is not even translated into Kazakh. And I am thinking of translating it. I have some questions: what do you think: is it possible for me to establish something like an insstitute of GeoGebra here in my country. What do i have to know and do, PLEASE share your experience.
    Thanks for the answer,
    Regards, Talgat Bainazarov from KZ

  4. Talgat,

    Thank you for that inspiring message. I am glad that you have found my blog interesting. Notice that most of the ideas in my blogs are not original — they are basic concepts ‘packaged’ and written in a way which I think would give more ideas to teachers on how to teach the topic and would let students understand the concept better. You have read my articles; I suggest that you reflect on different concepts, and try to write about them. You will become a better teacher and a better writer once you write articles yourself. Regarding the translation, you may translate the articles provided that you link back to the original articles in each post, and as long you will not use it commercially.

    Regarding the GeoGebra Institute, there are requirements in establishing one. You will have a better chance if you have experience in conducting training in GeoGebra. You can contact Judit Pacsirta if you want to establish a GeoGebra Institute in your country.


  5. Thank you very much for your advice! I certainly will do what you mentioned and contact Judit Pacsirta.
    Best regards, Talgat.

  6. Hi Guillermo,
    Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic GeoGebra tutorials. I recently in-serviced my mathematics colleagues on GeoGebra, and made use of your blog. The day went very well! Once again, thanks!

  7. Hello. I am one of those who attended geogebra seminar last may 5-6. I already created an account at wikispaces.com but I did receive any confirmation from you since then. Did you add me from the list of members? If not what should I do to be included? I would like to know more about the role of multimedia in the classroom and share also what I learn to others.

  8. Good afternoon. This is with regards to geogebra web link which you told us participant that all of us are already members and after registration we could access to those geogera users here and abroad. but I did not receive any confirmation after I register at wikispaces.com. I don’t have any access to any wedsite concerning geogebra and multimedia advicators, aplet developers and users. What should I do?

  9. hey dude you know some other love poems like the Square Root of Three?? please send me an email if you do

  10. Thanks for the excellent site. You do so much for many people around the world. Be encouraged and keep it up.

  11. Hi Mr Bautista

    Thank you for the numerous tutorials that you have posted. It certainly has provided a lot of help in learning the software. I spotted an error in your Histogram listing. For L_1, the first element in the list should be 1, and for L_2, we should not replace cell C2 with 0. There should be only 10 intervals, which means 10 frequency values. Could you kindly explain what does the value of “a” mean? Thank you.

    • Thank you for pointing out the error. I am a little busy right now to revise the tutorials. I will be revising all the tutorials after the GeoGebra 4.0 is released.

  12. thanks for sharing your knowledge in all these stuff…i’m very much interested in geogebra…

  13. This is absolute gold! I’m a high school mathematics teacher in South Africa and I appreciate the work you’ve put into this site. I look forward to exploring it more.

  14. Sir,
    Good Day!

    As I looking for seminar for in Developing Mathematics Teaching with applications of Computer and Software , I find your site/blog as a gateway towards that.
    Sir , Im a Math Instructor here in HS/ College School in Paete, Laguna
    I would to ask if your institution/you is giving a Seminar outside your school
    About Modern Ways in Teaching Mathematics ( W/ application of computer)

    If so , sir kindly message me in my email , (johnlouie_marasigan@yahoo.com) all necessary information … (necessary payment)

    Thanks , More Power

    John Louie S. Marasigan

    • Mr. Marasigan,

      Yes, we are conducting on-site trainings. I already emailed you about the details.


  15. Hi,
    I’m a maths malagasy teacher in France and i saw your blog coming from geogebra site.
    Great job you do. It’s with people like you that world is rising up.
    Your paper about regular tesseletions (why about 3 of them) inspires me a large activity i’m writing for my students.
    Tx for all.

  16. Thanks for your tutorials on GeoGebra. I’m interested in GG 3D. But I can’t find any tutorial starting from zero. Could you help me?

  17. Hi Mike. Please check your email (the one you used in your comment). I have replied there.

  18. I am an owner of a school here in pampanga and I am interested in having/attending a seminar in Geogebra. Is it possible for you to come to our place or where can I send my teachers to attend to your trainings. My number is 09228295451. Thank you.

  19. Hi sir isa po ako sa mga reviewee nyos sa math dto sa up sa ALL-UP Workers Union CSC Review..ittanong ko lang sana po sir kasi nabanggit nyo noong last meeting natin na mag post kayo ng mga sagot sa binigay nyo pong questionare hindi ko po nahahanap sa site na ito pag pasensyahan nyo ako sir.

    maraming salamat po!

    Geval Sumaoy

  20. Hi Guillermo,

    I am Dexter and just accidentally stumbled on Geogebra while searching for softwares that will make Mathematics Visual. I am currently teaching here in Indonesia and as far as I know, only a few or maybe none knows about this dynamic software. I got so interested with it that I am trying to familiarise myself with the software with your tutorials. Hopefully, I will gain the proficiency and will try to share this knowledge to my department here. Just curious, if I can arrange for you to come here to conduct a training for our teachers, can you give me a quotation of how much you will charge. Definitely, we will arrange for your accommodations and transportation but give me an idea as to how much will you charge for your consultation fee.

    Thank you and more power to you!

    Should this plan not materialise, maybe I could go home to the Philippines and have the training there. Would you mind sharing me details of your address, fees and possible schedules?

    Kindly correspond to me through my email, dexter_canicula@yahoo.com. I will be awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks a million!

  21. Hi Guillermo,
    This is an excellent resource. Keep up the great work.
    Do you know if GeoGebra will work on an iPad?
    Joseph Papaleo

  22. Hey Guillermo.

    Recently I’ve been reading a math book and I just got to a section about Mathematical Induction and the Well-Ordering Principle. I decided to look over what Wikipedia.org had on the matter of Mathematical Induction. I’ve been reading this proof over and over and I’m not entirely certain the proof is “air-tight”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematical_induction#Proof_of_mathematical_induction . For example, where the proof says P(0) is true, t is not 0….. Why? It seems to me that the proof is lacking clarity.

    I am curious what your thoughts are on reviewing this proof. If you don’t have the time to review it, then don’t worry about it. Hope you’re doing well.


    • Hi Nick,

      I am not a professional mathematician, but I’ll try to look at it this weekend. I hope you’re doing fine too. 🙂

      ~ Guillermo

      • hey Guillermo. I think I will open a WordPress account to talk about my survival from necrotizing pancreatitis and how my life has gone since then. And eventually weave in some math entries. Would you like to be friends on here or on Facebook or something? I’d like to “pick your brain” about mathematical technology, math talk, and such.

      • @Nick: Sure Nick. You may add me in Facebook (mathandmultimedia@gmail.com). Yes, I encourage you to have your own blog. It’s one way of learning also. 🙂

    • Hi Nick. I tried to look at this proof. I don’t know if I understand it right, but as I understood it, t is not 0, since P(0) is the least element. According to the Well Ordering axiom, a non-empty set has only one least element. If t = 0, then it is also the least element, which means that two least elements exist. This means that t = P(0).

  23. Dear Guillermo Bautista,

    As a proponent of math education in the United States, we need your help to promote our nationwide math competition by blogging or posting about it on your blog/forum.

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    As the webmaster of Mathematics and Multimedia, we are asking you to help support this effort by mentioning us in your next blog or forum post or promoting our logo with a link to the site. So far this contest has gathered over 500
    submissions and millions of views on the videos. Our goal this year is this year is to do even better. With your help, we are confident we will reach this goal.
    For more information on MATHCOUNTS or the Math Video Challenge, visit our webpages at mathcounts.org and videochallenge.mathcounts.org/math-camera-action.


    Jake Byrnes

  24. Good day,
    I wanted to thank you for providing such a valuable resource. The geogebra tutorials are excellent for students (and myself). I also wanted to see if you would check out my site as well as Whole, the first of a series of apps coming from algebrawesome. Let me know what you think and how you might use it in/out of the classroom.

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