The Author

I am Guillermo Bautista, a Filipino math blogger. You can reach me at mathandmultimedia@gmail.com.

I work at a university in the Philippines.  The Institute where I work is involved in teacher training, curricum development, and educational research. My interest is on the integration of ICT in teaching mathematics.  I am also interested in freeware, Web 2.0, and blogging.

I am a supporter of GeoGebra, a great free mathematics software for teaching and learning mathematics. I have been a GeoGebra trainer for 6 years, and I have created more than 50 tutorials about it from beginner to advanced level. In 2012, I became a GeoGebra Ambassador.

Aside from GeoGebra, our institute also conduct trainings on a variety of topics about elementary school and high school mathematics teaching and learning. I can also talk about blogging, particularly using the WordPress and Blogspot (by Google) platforms.

I am alsoa busy blogger. Aside from writing Mathematics and Multimedia, I am the writer of the following blogs:

  • Proofs from the Book – a blog about mathematical proof mainly for middle school and high school students and teachers.
  • Guitech – (former School of Freebies) a sharing blog about technology news, internet freebies, educational apps, and software tips, tricks and tutorials.
  • GeoGebra Applet Central– a blog dedicated to posting GeoGebra applets.
  • Sipnayan – a math blog written in Filipino (Taglish).

Besides math and blogging, I am a boxing fan particularly of Manny Pacquiao. I also love listening to classical music particularly those of Josh Groban.

The Blog

Mathematics and Multimedia is a blog on K-12 mathematics for teachers, students, and enthusiasts. It is my humble contribution to the body of knowledge on the internet. I am nowhere near expert in anything, but whatever little knowledge I have, I am willing to share in this blog.

The objectives of this blog are the following:

  • to provide a conceptual explanation of K-12 mathematics topics
  • to suggest alternative ways of teaching and learning school mathematics
  • to share useful and free resources on the internet
  • to promote the integration of technology in teaching math and other subjects
  • to create software and web application tutorials
  • to encourage teachers, students, and enthusiast to write on the web
  • and to impart ways on promoting sites and blogs on the internet

Guest writers and contributors are welcome to write in my blog.


This blog is a personal hobby.  Aside from occasional guest writers, I am the only one writing this. Although I am doing my best to make this blog as accurate as possible, I am only human. If you see any error in this blog, please inform me.

And, I don’t speak for my employer. Everything here is entirely “on me”.

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