iPad App for Students: Mathway

MathWay is an iPad app that students can use to solve problems in mathematics.   It is a computer algebra system capable of solving problems in basic mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, and statistics. It is an ideal app for home works and self study.

The Mathway iPad App

The capabilities of Mathway among others are evaluating algebraic expressions, solving equations and inequalities, and plotting graphs in Cartesian and Polar coordinates.   It is also capable of calculating permutations and combinations, finding the standard deviation and variance of discrete distributions and calculating derivatives and integrals.

Answers to problems can be obtained from the free version of Mathway, but  step by step solutions is available on upgraded versions. Mathway is also available as an iPhone and Android apps.

5 iPad Apps That Will Drive You Math!

Suitable for children, adolescents and adults, these iPad apps will aid any person who is struggling to remember lots formulas or suddenly runs out of paper.

1. Pi Cubed

This app is available on every iOS device and belongs to the most expensiveiPad App: Pi Cubed math app with a price of $9.99. Pi Cubed uses a touch-based interface that lets you enter and evaluate even the most impossible math problems. As you can expect from an app like this one, you’re able to pitch-zoom and swipe throughout the whole interface. The Core Animation framework even makes everything look fancy without being too distracting.

Pi Cubed supports the following operations:
-Numbers, including basic constants
-Arithmetic operations
-Trigonometry operations
-Square roots, and roots with arbitrary powers
And lots of other functions.

You can download Pi Cubed Lite to try it out for free. However, it will not offer the same array of options that the full version offers.  » Read more

iPad App for Students: King of Math

King of Math is a great fast-paced game for improving skills in mental mathematics. The free version includes questions in addition and subtraction and a mixed of both. The full version  ($0.99) on the other hand, includes questions on Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Fractions, Powers, Statistics and Equations.

king of math

In King of Math, the player starts as a farmer and improves as  the level goes up; for example, after level 1, he becomes a merchant. The score of the player depends on how fast he can answer the questions at each level. The slower the answer, the smaller the score.

What I like about King of Math is the variety of exercises available. For instance, in subtraction, it does not just ask for the difference; it also asks for the minuend or subtrahend. This will make the player thinking under time pressure.

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