3 Free Whiteboard Software for Mac Users

If you are a Mac user, and if you want to use a whiteboard software in your class or if you want to screencast your lectures, then you can choose among the three whiteboard software below. The first two are free and the third one has a free version.

3 Free Whiteboard Software for Mac Users

1. Paintbrush

Not many people use it, but Paint for Mac is a very useful software. It is a Mac equivalent Paint in Windows. I was using Paint before I migrated to Mac and I’m still using it often particularly in simple image editing particularly cropping. Paint can also be used as a whiteboard software. I myself have used it many times.  » Read more

5 Free Math Software For Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Years ago, I met a Japanese professor who eventually became my adviser during my one and a half year stay in Japan.  CRICED, the institute he was working also develops mathematics software in elementary and secondary schools. Below are 5 of the math software that they have developed.

1.) Grapes – a graphing software that allows users to draw most functions discussed in the secondary curriculum.

2.) Geometric Constructor –  a dynamic geometry software for teaching and learning geometry. Allows users to publish contents on the web.

3.) DbookPro – a tool for developing digital textbook. This can be done by scanning textbooks and or importing textbooks images. I have written two manuals of dbook (basic and advanced) and you can view the sample output of a dbook here.  You can download dbookPro here.

4.) Geometry Construction Language (GCL) Editor – an xml-based software used for creating educational materials in Flash.

5.) DGraph – Used for making and editing graphs from data and equation.

I have only tried 2 of these software (dbookPro and Grapes), but you might want to explore all of them.

How to Create Desmos Graphs with Sliders in 3 Steps

Desmos Calculator is one of the great free calculators available online. You can use it to create graphs, plot table of data, evaluate equations and even explore transformations.  But my favorite feature of Desmos are the sliders. Recently, they have added an animation feature for sliders.

In this post, I am going to show you how easy it is to create Desmos graphs with sliders in order to explore family of functions. To follow this tutorial, go to the Desmos website.

How to Create Desmos Graphs with Sliders in 3 Steps

Step 1

Type the equation of the function you want to graph.  For example, you want to graph y = a(x - 3)^2 + h. Just type

y = a(x-3)^2 + k.  » Read more

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