It is an Honor to be a GeoGebra Ambassador

GeoGebra has recently awarded the title of GeoGebra Ambassador to individuals who have helped popularized the software. I am honored to be one of the chosen ambassadors.

geogebra ambassador

I have been blogging about GeoGebra for quite a long time. I have created more than 50 tutorials in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. I have created another blog titled GeoGebra Applet Central where I have collected applets since I started using the software.

Here in the Philippines, I am currently a teacher trainer in UP NISMED. UP NISMED is the host Institute of the GeoGebra Institute of Metro Manila, our local GeoGebra Institute. Since 2005, we have been integrating GeoGebra in teacher trainings and curriculum materials development.

Sanjay Gulati (India), and Steve Phelps (USA) of the GeoGebra Institute of Ohio were the other two GeoGebra Ambassadors. I’m sure more people will be awarded.

Thank you GeoGebra!

Blog carnivals and other updates

The Blog Carnivals

The Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is now accepting entries for its 22nd edition. You may submit your entries to or the carnival submission form on or before April 14, 2012.  The carnival will be hosted by Math is Not a Four Letter Word and will be posted next week.

The 49th edition of Math Teachers at Play is now online at Teach Beside Me.

The 85th edition of the Carnival of Mathematics is also online at Traveled in the Mathematical World.

If you are interested to host the Math and Multimedia Carnival, you may contact me at

 Updated GeoGebra Tutorials (to version 4.0)

Recent Articles

New header, Carnival 20, and more

A blessed morning  to everyone. I have not created a math or multimedia post for today, but here are a few announcements:

That’s all for today. Happy weekend!
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