Multiplication Fun with Wings iPad App

Wings is a simple and fun iPad app developed to improve multiplication skills  of people ages four and above. The most basic levels are dots, while more difficult multiplication problems are stored for older players.

Wings iPad App

The game is simple. Your bird has lost its nest and colored wings. You have to help it fly across different islands to help build its nest and regain its colored feathers. As you fly, you will solve multiplication problems. You have to tilt the iPad so that your bird passes through the larger number. » Read more

iPad App: Mathematics Utility Belt

Math Utility Belt is an iPad app which is a collection of four mathematics applications namely Converter, Spreadsheet, Linear Equation Solver and Calculator. The Converter enables users to perform conversions on angles, area, length, mass, time, velocity, etc. It also includes conversions that can be used for science classes such as density, dynamic viscosity, force, pressure and more.

Math Utility Belt iPad App

Math Utility Belt

The Spreadsheet  allows users to enter ordered pairs, plot them in the coordinate plane and construct a line of best fit.  The Linear Equation Solver lets users input equations in one variable and find the value of x.   » Read more

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