Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 5

The  Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 5 has been posted at Math Hombre.

The Math and Multimedia Carnival #6  will be hosted by Great Math Teaching Ideas on  and will be posted on December 29, 2010.  To submit blog to the sixth issue, click here.

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Math Teachers at Play 31 (via Let’s Play Math!)

Math Adventure via Homeschool Bytes Math Teachers at Play #31 offers ten posts about learning and teaching math (appropriate for the 10th month of ’10) at Homeschool Bytes. Mixing play with learning math is so much more effective for my kids. So, here are some great ideas on how to take the “boring” out of learning math and make it an Adventure . . . Read the whole carnival! … Read More

via Let’s Play Math!

Math Teachers at Play 30 (via JD2718)

Math Teachers at Play is now posted.

Welcome to the September 17, 2010 edition of math teachers at play. This is MTaP #30. This MTaP may look a little different. There is no theme weaving its way through and unifying the sections. We are not opening with a discussion of the number 30 (no matter how many cool things we could have come up with), and the sections are, um, different. It has occurred to some of us that the experience a student has in mathematics may differ greatly from p … Read More

via JD2718

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