Blog Carnival 12 Reminder

The Math and Multimedia Carnival is on its 12th edition.  If you have a blog post about K-12  mathematics or mathematics teaching, I would like to invite you to submit your article to the Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival. The carnival accepts articles about K-12 mathematics on problem solving and proofs, mathematics teaching, conceptual explanation of mathematical concepts, technology integration, real-life mathematics, software tutorials, games and puzzles and other K-12 math articles.

The 12th edition of the Math and Multimedia Carnival will be hosted by Mathematics for Teaching.

You may also want to submit other articles to Math Teachers at Play Carnival and the Carnival of Mathematics. Please do not make duplicate submissions.

Math Teaches at Play 36 and Carnival of Math 76

The Mathematics Teacher at Play 36 is now online at Math Hombre.  To view the list of other Math Teachers at Play Carnival, click here.


The Carnival of Mathematics #75 is also live at Science Backstage. My post Understanding Fermat’s Last Theorem was the author’s favorite (Thank you!).

The Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival is also on its ninth edition and will be hosted byVirtual Math Tutor . You may submit your articles here. The deadline of submission is on SaturdayMarch 26, 2011. The post date is on March 28.

Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 5

The  Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 5 has been posted at Math Hombre.

The Math and Multimedia Carnival #6  will be hosted by Great Math Teaching Ideas on  and will be posted on December 29, 2010.  To submit blog to the sixth issue, click here.

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