How School Kills Creativity

I am currently on vacation and have no time to write, but I remember watching the video below years ago after sharing 3 Rules to Spark Learning last month. This video was a lecture by Sir Ken Robinson at TED titled How School Kills Creativity. I think it is  a must watch for teachers, educators, and policy makers in education.

My favorite quote in this video: “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.”

He also had a great lecture titled Changing Education Paradigms.

Changing Education Paradigms

This presentation discusses the past and current problems of the system of education, which I believe are true in most countries, and the efforts to uplift it.  I agree with most of the arguments in this presentation especially the part where, some of the time, formal education diminishes divergent thinking of learners.  With the way the teachers teach in our country, I think this is quite true.

What do you think about the presentation? I would love to hear your opinions.