August 2013 – The Most Popular Posts

It’s the first day of September and  the breeze is getting cold, but it is still warm during the afternoon here in the Philippines.

September is the beginning of the “ber” months, a sign that Christmas is near. While enjoying the first cold breeze, you might want to explore the most popular posts for the month of August. As you can probably observe, I’m going back to the basics. I have been posting articles that are quite beyond high school mathematics which is the scope of this blog. Expect more basic mathematics and tutorial posts in the months to come.

The Most Popular Posts

  1. Proof that Out of 6 Persons Either 3 are Friends or 3 are Strangers
  2. Aristotle’s Theory on the Mathematics of Rainbows
  3. Math Misconception: Incorrect Real Number System Diagram
  4. How to Play and Enjoy the Dots and Boxes iPad App
  5. Fractions with Terminating and Non-Terminating Decimal Representations
  6. Who is the greatest mathematician?
  7. Math Trick 4: A Shortcut on Multiplying Numbers by 13
  8. Math Teachers at Play 65: Teach, Learn and Enjoy
  9. Dodgem Cars: A Pretty Interesting Abstract Game

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All-time Top 20 Mathematics Posts

This is Math and Multimedia’s All Time Top Mathematics posts, or articles that have the most number of page views.  This list does not include articles which contains (link list such as Free Calculus Ebooks).

  1. The Mathematics of Tiling
  2. Limit by \epsilon-\delta proof: Example 1
  3. How to use the summation symbol
  4. The Algebraic and Geometric Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem
  5. Using Mathematics to Win the Lottery
  6. The Definition of Undefined
  7. Math Exercises, Problems, and Investigations
  8. An extensive explanation about the \epsilon-\delta definition of limits
  9. Rational and Irrational Numbers
  10. Why do we reverse/flip the inequality sign?
  11. Introduction to Mathematical Proofs
  12. Arithmetic Sequences and Linear Functions
  13. Pythagorean Theorem, Distance Formula, and Equation of a Circle
  14. Paper Folding: Locating the square root of a number on the number line
  15. Generating Pythagorean Triples from Square Numbers
  16. The Inscribed Angle Theorem and Its Applications
  17. Finger Multiplication
  18. Mathematics in Microsoft Office
  19. Simon’s Favorite Factoring Trick
  20. Sum of the Interior Angles of a Polygon

That’s all for this year; we will update this list in January 2013. You may also want to visit the All Time Top-Rated Math Posts.


Year in Review – 2011

This is the last summary post for 2011, and before I begin, I would like to thank the people who have grown this blog —  readers, subscribers, and guest writers. I would also like to thank the advertisers who have helped me pay my  domain,  host, internet, and electric bills. Of course, that includes my coffee.

In 2011, I, together with a few guest bloggers, have written  346 posts. This blog has been viewed more than 425 000 times (in 2011), and so far it has also attracted 1471 subscribers/followers since it went live in 2009.  I have listed the top posts below in case you missed them.

From time to time, I am revising old posts — content, grammar, and construction. If you see any error in my blog, please send me a note or use the comment box. Although I am doing my best to be as accurate as possible, I’m only human.

I’m looking forward of writing more articles this year. Again, have a prosperous and blessed new year to all.

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