TED-Ed’s Interactive Periodic Table

TED-Ed has recently created an interactive Periodic Table where you can view videos about every element. This project was a collaboration of TED-Ed and Brady Haran of Numberphile. Once you click the video, you can view experiments as well as explanations from experts and teachers about the element.

This is a must view for students taking Chemistry as well as Chemistry teachers.

Interactive Periodic Table

The video below explains about Hydrogen.

Please share to your fellow students and teachers.

Ted Talk: How to escape education’s death valley

If you have watched Changing Education Paradigms or Do Skills Creativity, then, you will surely love another lecture from Sir Ken Robinson.  This TED Talk discusses about the 3 principles crucial to the human mind to flourish and how the current system of education work against them. This talk is a must-watch for all teachers, educators, school administrators and policy makers.

For more talks by Sir Ken Robinson, visit his page on TEDTalk.

Video: Is mathematics discovered or invented?

If there’s a number of trees in a forest, and there’s no one there to count them, does that number exist? This is the same question as the existence of mathematics. Is mathematics discovered or invented? If human beings do not exist, would mathematics still exist?

Watch the video from TED as Jeff Dekofsky traces the history of this famous classic question and how mathematicians throughout history think about it.

What’s your take? Write your comments below.

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