Funny: How to Use the Universal Hot Crazy Matrix

Mathematics is used in almost all fields: engineering, health, in movies and animation, weather, biology, history, or even on super simple things like scientifically cutting a cake. However, this lecture about the Universal Hot Crazy Matrix will completely change your perception about mathematics. Watch this video and see how mathematics, particularly graphs, can be used to find a wife.

Remember, do not choose the area above the 8 hot axis and below the unicorn area. 😀

Enjoy and have fun. 🙂

The 3 Saddest Mathematics Love Stories

There are many unfortunate events in mathematics as well as the lives of mathematicians. You haven’t probably heard the misfortunes of Evariste Galois; he died at the age of 20 in a duel for a lady who didn’t love him.You probably know some famous theorems by great mathematicians, but you probably didn’t know that they died young.  You probably do not know that Descartes could not marry either of the two woman he loves because they were on different social status.

But despite these unimaginable events, there are actually untold stories that history failed to acknowledge. I think they are probably the 3 saddest mathematics love stories ever told. Now, don’t be depressed.

mathematics love stories

The 3 Saddest Mathematics Love Stories

1. Tangent lines who had one chance to meet and then parted forever.

2. Parallel Lines who were never meant to meet.

3. Asymptotes who can get closer and closer to each other but will never be together.

Source: Unknown (I saw this in Facebook).

Man and Woman Funny Math

I got this from Facebook and I think this is one of the mathematics that will make us relax a bit and put some grin on our faces. NO OFFENSE meant.

Handsome Man + Ugly Woman = She’s rich.

Ugly Man + Pretty Woman = He’s rich.

Handsome Man + Pretty Woman = Gonna break up soon.

Ugly Man + Ugly Woman = Gonna have a ‘beautiful’ son.

Ugly Man + Ugly Man = Friends

Handsome Man + Handsome Man = Gays

Ugly Woman + Pretty Woman = Friends

Ugly Woman + Ugly Woman = Gays

Ugly Man + Handsome Man = Friends

Pretty Woman + Pretty Woman = Enemies

A Mathy Christmas to all!


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