How to Play and Enjoy the Dots and Boxes iPad App

The Dots and Boxes iPad App is one of the latest logic iPad app that I play and enjoy very much. The game consists of a 7 x 7 rows of dots where the players connect two dots horizontally or vertically. The objective of the game is to close as many squares as you can. When you place the fourth segment in a 1 x 1 square, the square becomes yours and is filled when your color regardless of who placed the other three segments of that box.

You play in turns with your opponent, but whenever a player gains a box, he/she can continue to play. » Read more

Playful Minds: A Great iPad Math Game for Kids

Playful Minds is math game for kids aged 5-8. At first, players are allowed to select islands to explore. During the journey, they have to answer math questions where they earn points and rewards. Points can be used to buy items such as shirts, pants, and shades to improve and customize the players’ avatar.

Playful Minds Math Game for Kids

What I like about Playful Minds is the variety of exercises. Some of the exercises I have played are the four basic operations, counting money, comparing weights, translating words to numbers and graphing.  According to the description in Apple Store, Playful Minds is a complete review of the US and UK programs for children with ages 5-8. It contains more than 300 exercises covering Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis, Measurement and Number and Operations. » Read more

Multiplication Fun with Wings iPad App

Wings is a simple and fun iPad app developed to improve multiplication skills  of people ages four and above. The most basic levels are dots, while more difficult multiplication problems are stored for older players.

Wings iPad App

The game is simple. Your bird has lost its nest and colored wings. You have to help it fly across different islands to help build its nest and regain its colored feathers. As you fly, you will solve multiplication problems. You have to tilt the iPad so that your bird passes through the larger number. » Read more

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