MathGraph: An Excellent iPad App for Students

MathGraph is an awesome iPad app for exploring graphs. It can be used to investigate the relationship between equations of functions and their graphs.  For example, in the equation of the form f(x) = m x + b, students would be able to discover that m determines the appearance and steepness of the  graph, while b is where the graph crosses the y-axis.

iPad app math graph

MathGraph includes a variety of graphs to explore: line, circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola, polynomial, absolute value, exponential, logarithmic (base 10), and logarithmic (base e). » Read more

iPad App for Students: Math Terms

Math Terms is an iPad App that contains about a thousand entries of middle school and high school mathematical concepts. It is a simple glossary with illustrations that can help students understand mathematical terms and concepts better. I have explored several glossary apps and what separates Math Terms are its practical examples,  colorful illustrations, and  its intuitive explanations. The image below taken from Math Terms explains Addition Property of Equality.Math TermsMath Terms was created by Andy Felong.

iPad App for Teachers: My Blackboard

When GeoGebra announced the GeoGebra for iPad, I became an iPad user after a month — yes, I’m excited.  Since then, I have been exploring a few apps which I will share with you from time to time.  The first app that I share with you in this post is a very simple one: My Blackboard. 

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As the name implies, My Blackboard is an electronic version of a real one. It is a realistic chalk board with 8 colored chalks and a sponge eraser. It has the basic functions which includes  undo, redo, save, and erase at once. » Read more

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