11 Proven Proof Techniques Non-Math Majors Should Know

Proofs is the heart of mathematics.  It is what differentiates mathematics from other sciences.  In mathematical proofs, we can show that a statement is true for all possible cases without showing all the cases. We can be certain that the sum of two even numbers is  even without adding all the possible pairs.


 funny math proof

For those who are “non-math people,” the proof techniques below will help you, but the “math people” are probably those who are going to enjoy them more.  » Read more

15 Math Pickup Lines to Try This Valentine’s Day

Do you have a date this Valentine’s day? Is your date a math major, math nerd, or mathematician? If yes is your answer to these questions, you might want to try the pick up lines below. This will probably make her laugh. 😀

couple on seine

A word of warning though: If your date didn’t laugh when you tried one, that could be your last date with her. Happy Valentines! Enjoy! » Read more

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