Where were you on these consecutive dates?

Like the alignment of planets, there are events that only only occur a few times in a century or millennium. One of such events are the appearance of dates with consecutive numbers, the example of such are the shown below. These dates with  only appear once every century if we consider the last two digits of the year, or every millennium if we consider the last three digits.

We are lucky because we are the only generation in this millennium (or century) who are present these consecutive dates. If you are keeping a daily diary, check out what happened on these dates.











When will this phenomenon happen again? In year 3003, 991 years from now if we consider the last three digits of the year. If we consider only the two digits , it will repeat 91 years from now which is in year 2103.

Math Trick 3: The Answer is Always 1089

This is the third part of the Math and Multimedia Math Trick Series.  The first two tricks are multiplying by 11 and squaring numbers ending in 5.

As I have promised, I will teach you more math tricks that will impress your friends. The most exciting part, however, is not actually the trick but why the trick works. In this post, we are going to learn math trick which we will call magic 1089, a trick I learned at BasicMathematics.com.

The 1089 Math Trick

Step 1: Think of a 3-digit number where its digits are decreasing.

Step 2: Reverse the order of the digits.

Step 3: Subtract the number in step 2 from the number in step 1.

Step 4: Reverse the order of the difference in step 3.

Step 5: Add the numbers in step 3 and step 4.

The result is 1089.  » Read more

A Short Math Prayer for Everyone

I got this math prayer from a class I observed last year. Here in our country, it is customary to start class with a prayer. Here are some of the prayers that I’ve collected.

Dear God,

May we, through your blessings,

add purity to the world,

subtract evil from our lives,

multiply Your good news,

and divide Your gifts and share them with others.


I suppose that students are really prayerful especially before a math exam.  I can speak from experience. I always pray before taking a math exam when I was still a student.

Prayer 2

Almighty God
We pray to You
To have our joys added
Sorrows subtracted
Friends multiplied
Love divided
And problems be solved


Prayer 3

We thank you a hundredfold for the love and care that you have given us. May we return to you your good works by multiplying it with love and respect, adding more faith, subtracting worldly behavior and evil works, and dividing your given talents to others, so we can sum them all and be united as one in your family. In this we pray, Amen.

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