The Search for Symmetric Words

The word MATH has a vertical line of symmetry. The parts of the letters on the left of the vertical line are reflected on the right. On the other hand, the word DECK has a horizontal line of symmetry.  The parts of the letters below horizontal line are reflected above.


The word OHIO is both horizontally and vertically symmetric.

Challenge: Find as many words as you can that are horizontally symmetric, vertically symmetric, and both. What are the longest symmetric words of each kind?

The Beauty of Mirrors and Symmetry

Symmetry is considered by many as a reflection of beauty and perfection. A symmetric object is an object where we can place a line such that the images on both sides of the line mirror each other.

line of symmetry

The geometric shapes in the first figure are symmetric. As shown, we can draw a line — in fact more than one line — to show symmetry. The equilateral triangle has three lines of symmetry, the square has four, and the circle has infinitely many. » Read more

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