Free Mathematics Whiteboard Applet

Last January, I posted a link of an electronic whiteboard that teachers can use for classroom presentations.  This time, there is a better applet that you can use for presenting as well as teaching mathematics. This applet was created using Dbook, a Japanese software that enables teachers to create intereactive electronic books. I will post a separate article later about it.

The Mathematics Whiteboard

This applet has the usual pens and eraser tools.  What is more interesting is that it has also mathematical tools such as ruler, compass and straightedge, protractor, and triangles. You can also draw point, line and circle tool. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to upload it in a free server, since it contains an executable file (most servers won’t allow it), but you can download it here and use it offline.

Dbook is a Flash-based program, so you will need a Flash Player.

Update: If you cannot download the white board applet in the link above, click here to download it from another location.

Applets For Visualizing Isometric and Three Dimensional Views

I came across with two applets I found very useful. They can be used for practicing visualizing the relationship between isometric and three-dimensional views. The first applet is called “Rotating houses”.  The applet requires the user to rotate an object until the desired isometric view is copied.

Note: Click the pictures below to load the applets.

The second applet is called “Building houses with side views. Given the isometric views (front, top, side), the applet lets you construct the actual object in three dimensions.

The highest point is given if you can construct the “houses” with the least number of blocks.

The Amazing Mathematics Illuminated

Mathematics Illuminated is an amazing multimedia resource created by Annenberg Media. It contains text articles, videos, and java applets that discusses mathematics ranging from the most ancient to the most modern. The title of 13 chapters are the following.

  1. The Primes
  2. Combinatorics Counts
  3. How Big is Infinity
  4. Topology’s Twists and Turns
  5. Other Dimensions
  6. The Beauty of Symmetry
  7. Making Sense of Randomness
  8. Geometries Beyond Euclid
  9. Game Theory
  10. Harmonious Math
  11. Connecting with Networks
  12. In Sync
  13. The Concepts of Chaos

It also contains textbooks, facilitator’s guides, participant’s guides, interactive applets and many other teaching tools that can be used in teaching and learning mathematics.

If you are a mathematics teacher or enthusiast, Mathematics Illuminated is really worth visiting.

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