Einstein’s Documents now Online at Digital Einstein

Starting today, you can now access some of the many papers left by Albert Einstein at Digital Einstein, an open access website for the collected papers of the man himself. This website publishes papers from the Einstein Papers Project edited by Diana Kormos-Buchwald, a professor of Physics and the history of science at the California Institute of Technology.

digital einstein

Albert Einstein (via Wikipedia)

Currently, the website contains about 7,000 pages of 2,900 unique papers (13 volumes, also published already in print) written in the original language and with English annotations. The documents include his scientific papers as well as his personal life such as letters, postcards, notebooks, and even diaries.

According to the website, Project Einstein is planning to present subsequent volumes two years after publishing the books.

H/T: NY Times

12 year-old genius thinks he can disprove Einstein’s relativity

Jacob Barnett, a 12-year old prodigy from Indianopolis, USA, thinks that he can disprove Einstein’s theory of relativity. Mathematicians and physicists from the Institute for Advanced Study — home of math and physics hotshots — confirmed that Jacob is indeed coming up with ‘something new.’  Click here to watch the video of Barnett explaining his expanded theory of relativity, and click here to read full story.