Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival 22 is live

To begin the blog carnival we will as is the tradition look at some properties of the number 22, additionally we can look at some sites which provide information on number properties.

blog carnival

A good place to start is the NumberADay blog from the Mathematical Association of America. Every working day, they post a number and offer a selection of that number’s properties. » Read more

Math Teachers at Play 52

math teachers at play 52

[Photo by bumeister1 via flickr.]

Welcome to the Math Teachers At Play blog carnival — which is not just for math teachers! We have games, lessons, and learning activities from preschool math to calculus. If you like to learn new things and play around with mathematical ideas, you are sure to find something of interest.

Scattered between all the math blog links, I’ve included highlights from the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, which describe the types of expertise that teachers at all levels — whether in traditional, experimental, or home schools — should seek to develop in their math students. Continue reading at Let’s Play Math.

Math Teachers at Play Carnival 51 at Math Mama Writes

Math Mama Writes has a staggering collection of 51 articles from the blogosphere for the 51st edition of the Math Teachers at Play Blog Carnival. I particularly liked the opening trivia about 51.

I’m a pentagonal number, 
I have just two factors, 
and if you put me in base 2, 4 or 16, 
I’m a palindrome.
I wonder:
Is there anyone else like me in the number universe?
On the other hand, the Math and Multimedia Carnival is currently dormant and will resume next month. It will be hosted by  Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0.  You may now submit your entries at the submission form.
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