Math Teachers at Play 48

The 48th edition of Math Teachers at Play Carnival is now online at Math is Not a Four Letter World.  Bon Crowder, the author, has not run out of ideas yet — this time, she created every sentence with exactly 15 words!

Math Carnival

The Math and Multimedia Carnival is also accepting entries for its 21st edition.  You may send your entries to

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Math Carnival 21 Deadline of Submissions

The Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival is on its 21st edition and will be hosted by Math Concepts Explained.  You may submit your entries to on or before March 18, 2012.

No 21 - worn brass

To those who missed last month’s carnivals, click the following links:


Math and Multimedia Blog Carnival 20 via GeoGebra Applet Central

Welcome to the 20th edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival. Here are the posts I have collected this month — some from the Blog Carnival site and some from my RSS feed.

Before we begin a carnival, let’s have some trivia about the number 20.

  • The number of sectors in a dartboard.
  • The atomic number of calcium.
  • It is the smallest primitive abundant number
  • The number of faces of an icosahedron
  • Can be written as the sum of the three Fibonacci numbers: 13 + 5 + 2
1 4 5 6 7 8 19