76 Youtube Calculus Tutorials and More by Prof Leonard

For those who are studying undergraduate calculus, Prof Leonard is another addition to the video tutorials I have already shared in Math and Multimedia. The Prof Leonard channel contains 76 Calculus I, II, and III videos ranging from 15 minutes up to more than 3 hours. Most of the videos are about 1 hour in length. The channel also contains videos on Intermediate Algebra and Statistics.

I have shared several Youtube channels in this blog about calculus particularly that of Khan Academy, MIT Open Courseware, and Patrick JMT tutorials. You can also visit more video tutorials here.

13 Calculus Tutorial Sites, 22 000+ Solved Problems

If you want to learn Calculus, the websites below will most likely help to you. Most of these websites contain conceptual and intuitive explanations of Calculus concepts and most of them are interactive.

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All in all, they contain more than 22,000 calculus tutorials and computations.  » Read more