How To Embed Wolfram Demonstrations on Websites and Blogs

A year ago, I shared about Wolfram Demonstrations, now a collection of more than 8000 free interactive materials in mathematics and science . The Demonstrations are created with Mathematica, a commercial software, but they can be downloaded and used for free using the Computational Document Format (CDF) Player.

In August 2012, the site provided a code for each demonstration to enable embedding in websites and blogs. In this post, we learn how to do this. Note that this tutorial is intended for the not-so-techie mathematics teachers who want to add interactive worksheets to their websites and blogs. » Read more

Embedding Wolfram Demonstrations

Last August 2011, I have shared about Wolfram’s computational document format, a technology that enables embedding of Wolfram Demonstrations on documents. These documents can be read using the Computational Document Format  (CDF) player which can be downloaded for free.

Recently, Wolfram has provided a javascript code for the Demonstrations. The Demonstrations can now be embedded on websites and blogs such as the one shown below. The CDF player must be installed in your computer before you can interact with the  Demonstration below.