How to Use Latex on Facebook

To all math teachers, mathematicians, and math enthusiasts who are also Facebook users, it is now possible to use Latex on Facebook. All you have to do is to use Google Chrome as a browser and install the Latex for Facebook Extension.

Until Facebook integrates latex into its system, I think this one is very good to use. So far so good, I have no complains about it.

To use latex in Facebook, just put the $ sign before and after the latex code. The equation below is an example of an expression image generated by latex. » Read more

Google+: A Facebook replacement?

If you have enjoyed Facebook, Google+ is another way to get connected to your family, friends, and colleagues online.  Google+ is a new social networking service lauched by Google. As of this writing, Google+ is on field testing and membership is on an “invite only.”

The things I like most about Google+ is that you can choose “circles” who can view your wall posts. You can share intimate thoughts with friends, and have professional conversations with colleagues without one group reading the message for the other. This is not the case in Facebook yet.

Here are some of the major features of Google+. » Read more