Store and share your math documents with Scribd

If you want to store or share your file online other than Google docs, one way of sharing them is through Scribd.  Scribd is an online sharing program where you can store and share your documents.  Scribd also allows you to embed Scribd-stored documents in blogs such as the one shown below.

You can use a free account here. Once you are enrolled, you can add up Matheamtics and Multimedia’s Scribd account at

Free Technology for Teachers

If you are looking for a way integrate ICT in your teaching, Free Technology for Teachers is probably the best place that you can explore. Free Technology for Teachers has about  three thousand posts  introducing new software, reviewing web 2.0 tools, citing resources, providing tutorials, and giving insights on how to integrate tools in teaching.

Free Technology for Teachers discusses topics in many fields – mathematics, science, foreign language, and many others.  It is hosted by Richard Byrne

Using Google Sketchup in Teaching Mathematics

Last March 2010, we have discussed several ways on using Google Sketchup to enhance geometric drawings as well as how to use it in classroom teaching.  In this article, we will discuss more ideas on how to use Google Sketchup in teaching mathematics.

Although Google Sketchup is a drawing software, it can be very helpful to mathematics teachers especially in teaching three dimensional geometry. Using Sketchup, it is  easy to demonstrate what do we mean by coplanar or non-coplanar as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

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