GeoGebra 4.2 Release Candidate and Other Updates

GeoGebra for The iPad

The GeoGebra for the iPad project is a new project for the development of aGeoGebra GeoGebra App for iPads.  The project needs funding, so you may want to back GeoGebra’s Kickstarter Project.

New Ambassadors

Congratulations to the new GeoGebra Ambassadors: Sanjay Gulati (India), Steve Phelps (USA) of the GeoGebra Institute of Ohio, John Golden (USA), and Juan Pablo Echaverria (Costa Rica).

Development News

GeoGebra 4.2 is nearly finished. The development team is just making finishing touches. You may try the webstart version of the release candidate here  and the offline installers here.

GeoGebraTube and Official Blog

GeoGebraTube has now more than 14,000 applets that can be downloaded for and used for free. You may also want to follow GeoGebra’s  official blog to keep up to date to the latest tips, tricks, and news.

GeoGebra for the iPad Project Needs Your Support

GeoGebra for the iPad is one of the newest projects of the International GeoGebra Institute.  As the name implies, the plan is to create a real iPad Application (an HTML5 version is already available).  If this project pushes through, it will be available for download for free at the Apple Store.

We at GeoGebra need your help to raise $10,000 for the project before October 19, 2012 .  For more information about the project, and for your donation, click here.

Please spread the word.