UP NISMED’s New Sites About Mathematics and Science Teaching

We at the University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development (UP NISMED) are currently developing several websites on mathematics and science teaching. AgIMat is one of our newest sites,  a public service of UP NISMED’s staff for K-12 science and mathematics teaching. AgIMat stands for Agham (Science) Impormasyon (Information), at Matematika (Mathematics) is a resource dedicated to Filipino teachers.

agimat mathematics

Some of the materials posted on the site have been used in classes or in professional development for teachers. The materials are written in English,  but some are written in Filipino. We are also planning to have materials in other native languages in the future. » Read more

GeoGebra Institute of Manila’s New Site

The website of the GeoGebra Institute of Metro Manila (GIMM)  has been transferred here: http://geogebrainstituteph.blogspot.com/


We are still waiting for our official URL. Starting October 2012, we will be accepting post contributions from GeoGebra users in the Philippines. If you are interested, please contact me or email me at nismedmultimedia@gmail.com.

It is an Honor to be a GeoGebra Ambassador

GeoGebra has recently awarded the title of GeoGebra Ambassador to individuals who have helped popularized the software. I am honored to be one of the chosen ambassadors.

geogebra ambassador

I have been blogging about GeoGebra for quite a long time. I have created more than 50 tutorials in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. I have created another blog titled GeoGebra Applet Central where I have collected applets since I started using the software.

Here in the Philippines, I am currently a teacher trainer in UP NISMED. UP NISMED is the host Institute of the GeoGebra Institute of Metro Manila, our local GeoGebra Institute. Since 2005, we have been integrating GeoGebra in teacher trainings and curriculum materials development.

Sanjay Gulati (India), and Steve Phelps (USA) of the GeoGebra Institute of Ohio were the other two GeoGebra Ambassadors. I’m sure more people will be awarded.

Thank you GeoGebra!

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