The Golden Ratio and the Perfect Human Face

Mathematical beauty ranges from simple Youtube embedding to the elegance of tessellations and symmetry all the way to the complexity of fractals.   In this post, we talk about the most interesting connection between beauty and mathematics, the mathematical beauty of the human face.


The Golden Ratio was used by architects, sculptors, and artists since the ancient times to express beauty in their work.  Architectures based on Golden Ratio are considered pleasing to the human eye. The Pyramid of Egypt, the Pantheon, and the United Nations Building are just several examples of structures in Golden Ratio. » Read more

Math Book: The Magic of Pineapples

William Emeny, a friend of mine who blogs at Great Maths Teaching Ideas has written another great math book titled the  The Magic of Pineapples: A Brain Tingling Adventure Through Amazing  Mathematics. The book highlights mathematical beauty through patterns, nature, and numbers. Mathematics students,  teachers, and enthusiasts who want to know more about the wonders of mathematics should definitely read this book.

Math Book: Magic of Pineapples

Among the topics discussed in The Magic of Pineapples are The Golden Ratio, exponential growth and decay, prime numbers, and Pascal’s triangle.

The following is the description of the book by the author. » Read more