The Solution to the Matchstick and Square Puzzle

It’s been three months since I posted the Matchstick and Square puzzle. According to one of the comments, it’s already causing household arguments., so I think it’s high time that I post my solution. There is no key to the puzzle, I only found it on a Facebook Page.

matchstick puzzle solution

Please check if my solution below is correct. đŸ™‚


There are nine  1 \times 1 squares.

There are five 2 \times 2 squares.

There is one 3 \times 3 square.

There is one 4 \times 4 square.

Therefore, there 16 squares.

iPad App For Students: MatchPuzzle

MatchPuzzle is an iPad app that can be used by students to practice the four fundamental operations. The rule of the game is very simple: just remove 1 matchstick from the numbers or from the sighs to make the equation true.

The MatchPuzzle iPad App

(c) MatchPuzzle

The difficulty of the game increases as you play. It starts with simple equations with one term on both sides, but can increase equations with two terms on both sides or 3 terms on one side and one term on the other side. The numbers also become larger as the game progresses.