Invitation to Join the Math Future Wiki

I would like to invite you to join the Math 2.0 Interest Group (Math Future) wiki.  This group is an international network of researchers, educators, families, community leaders and technology enablers. We are collaborating on a variety of research and development projects, and we have conversation threads about social media as it relates to mathematics and mathematics education. The group has many online events and these events are open for everyone.

To join the wiki, click here.

Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival #3

Welcome the third edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia blog Carnival. This will be the last edition that I will be hosting this year. The fourth edition  will be hosted by Wild About Math!.

Before we begin, let’s have some interesting trivia about the number three. » Read more

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009

If you are a teacher, and you are not using one of the software mentioned here, hmmm…, maybe you should think about learning one.

I hope Jane Hart’s presentation will give you an idea what Web 2.0 tools you need to learn.

Gee, I use 36 of these. Hmmmm… does that make me a Web 2.0 addict?

Happy learning! 🙂