My new blog: School of Freebies

I and my colleagues (this includes science and IT teachers and trainers) are using a lot of free resources on the internet and many of them are non-mathematics.  Since this blog is only limited to sharing math-related resources, I have created another blog  called School of Freebies, where I will include non-mathematics resources and software.  I have only created a couple of posts and have included some posts from Mathematics and Multimedia.

In School of Freebies, everything you will about learn is free.

Although I might share anything free, my concentration are resources on teaching, learning, and Web 2.0 tools.

If you find people that might be interested, please share it.

Free Technology for Teachers

If you are looking for a way integrate ICT in your teaching, Free Technology for Teachers is probably the best place that you can explore. Free Technology for Teachers has about  three thousand posts  introducing new software, reviewing web 2.0 tools, citing resources, providing tutorials, and giving insights on how to integrate tools in teaching.

Free Technology for Teachers discusses topics in many fields – mathematics, science, foreign language, and many others.  It is hosted by Richard Byrne