Introduction to the WordPress Blogging Tutorial Series

You are a student and you your teacher encourages you to blog and share to the world what you have learned from him. The problem is you do not know how to blog.

You are a teacher and you want to encourage your students to blog and share to the world what you have taught them. The problem is you do not have time to teach them how to blog.

You are an educator, you want to share your thoughts, but you have no time to explore a blogging website.

You searched for a blogging tutorial on the net and what you got are hundreds of 2-page (or more) independent documents which has no apparent beginning, no clear end, and no continuity at all.

The Math and Multimedia tutorial is probably the answer that you are looking for.   Starting next week,we will be learning WordPress blogging, step-by-step, just like how I taught GeoGebra, so I suggest that you start informing people who you think might be interested about this tutorial. » Read more

What’s New in Math and Multimedia?

We have learned a lot about mathematics and technology last year, and will learn more this year.  For students, I will concentrate on senior high school mathematics and other  middle school topics which we have not yet discussed.  For teachers, I will discuss tools that can help in teaching at the same time making most of the internet and Web 2.0 technologies.

The highlight this year will be on blogging using WordPress. I will teach you how to blog using WordPress, and I will also give you tips on how grow and promote it.  Here’s a sneak peek of what I have in mind. » Read more

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