WordPress Tutorial 6 – Basic Blogging Tips 1

As I have promised before, I will not only teach you how to blog using WordPress, but also help you how to “grow” it. After all, what’s the use of a blog when you are the only one, or only a handful of people are  reading it.

We have learned the basics of WordPress blogging: We have learned how to register a WordPress blog,  write a draft article and publish a post,  how to link to other documents , and how to embed videos for Youtube.

Before continuing the series, let us learn some of the basic things that we should consider before starting to blog seriously. It is important that we know from the start what we want write than think about it later.  Note, however, that I am no blogging expert. All the tips that I will discuss are from personal experiences in growing Mathematics and Multimedia.  As you can see, Mathematics and Multimedia is only fifteen months old, but despite being a math blog (which supposedly has a handful of readers), it has reached about 200,000 hits as of this writing, so I suppose that I must be doing something right.

In the following discussion, I have used Mathematics and Multimedia as context. This will make it contextual and not too » Read more